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Flowers are blooming

We went to the West Coast National Park and shared frosting with a bird.

Bruler Travels 2.0

Who doesn't love an upgrade? In preparation for the upcoming Safari, I've been busy updating the site to version 2.0. It should look pretty similar, but be smoother and faster. If you notice any issues I may have missed in my testing please let me know.

Water update

RAIN!!!!   OMG. So Much Rain. The official government measures have us at 77.7% water levels in the reservoirs as of August 7th. It looks like everyone is still using less than their allotment of water per day, which is...

Whirlwind tour of the states

We spent the majority of May in The States on a West coast to East coast tour.  We started in California and ended in New Jersey 3 weeks later. Along the way we enjoyed time with friends and family and got to enjoy some of the food we had been craving....

New year, new home

So, this post is a little late…  but guess what?  We’ve moved!!!   We are now in a quieter and less touristy neighborhood. We are still pretty close to the CBD (Central Business District). In fact, we have some pretty cool views of the city from...
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