Fynbos and death

Fynbos and death


When we were back in the states a few months ago we brought some small gifts for friends. One such gift was a bottle of Cape Fynbos Gin.  Our friend is a master gardener in Madison, WI and we knew she’d be thrilled by the concept and the label art.  Today she posted a blog post and we were happy to see that she has indeed been enjoying both. See her blog Post here.  She provides an excellent break down of what fynbos is and what makes it special.

Living away from friends and family can make it harder to maintain connections. While Facebook and other forms of social media claim to help, they just give you the surface details. You have to be a little more vigilant about maintaining contact with some friends because no matter how hard you try you simply can’t see everyone when you are back in town for a week. There are quite a large number of friends and family I haven’t seen in well over a year.  As much as I hate to admit it, there just isn’t enough available time or money to see everyone when I want to or for as long as we’d like.

For the more tech savvy of the bunch, I’ve been able to maintain contact via Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram. But there are others that I have only had minimal contact with. I recently found out one such friend had passed away in November.  For some reason, his death has hit me a little harder than others even though we weren’t what I would call close friends.  Maybe it’s the shock of finding out months later, maybe it’s that he was close to my age. Either way, it’s a good reminder for me to check in on people more than once every few months.


1 year in

Wow!!!  Has it really been a year already?  So much has happened, and yet not a lot.

My highlights for the past year would have to be a return trip to the US for the wedding of two friends, a family trip to Germany, and making some amazing friends in South Africa.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the low points as well.  They are having to fire our domestic worker, dealing with load shedding, and having our first visitors postpone their trip. (Cancelling the planned safari was another level of suck).

Everyday things that made me think “WTF?!?!” when we first got here, I now just accept as normal. Although the steering wheel on the right-hand side of the car is still strange.  But seeing, people walking around neighborhoods with a broom and dust bin to sweep streets, private security guards on street corners, electric fencing & walls around homes has just become normal.

I’ve been introduced to some amazing things about Cape Town.   The Kirstenbosch botanical gardens summer concert series, weekend farmers markets, amazing but affordable wines, and of course some amazing food.

In a few short weeks, we are moving to a new apartment in a less touristy neighborhood.  We are looking forward to having a different view, and a larger outdoor area to enjoy. The downsides will be less walkable shops and markets but with Uber so affordable here, there shouldn’t be too many issues.

Our second year will surely be filled with more adventures and hopefully our first visitors. Once we have visitors we’ll knock out some of the more touristy things that we’ve been putting off.


Ciao for now