Whirlwind tour of the states

Whirlwind tour of the states

We spent the majority of May in The States on a West coast to East coast tour.  We started in California and ended in New Jersey 3 weeks later. Along the way we enjoyed time with friends and family and got to enjoy some of the food we had been craving.  (Seriously Bo’Jangles open up a franchise in Cape Town).  We ended up bringing back some pretty boring things we haven’t been able to find in South Africa. We also brought back a couple of bottles of Washington wines to share with some friends here.  Not much to really report on other than it was great to see everyone.

There are some things I had forgotten about.  The first one: The constant steam of advertisements for pharmaceuticals… Wow America get that crap off TV.  Maybe if drug companies didn’t spend $$$$ on ads, the prices of drugs in the states could be lower.   Just a thought.



I was was overjoyed at the volume of selection in Grocery stores. Look at this end cap of Tortillas.  After dealing with the near total absence of tortillas in SA, this was an amazing site to behold.



It could have been the extreme Jet Lag combined with the oncoming cold, but I think I heard a chorus of Angels and the light of Heaven shone down upon the Tortillas.    OK, so that *may* be a tad of an exaggeration… but I really missed the selection of food choices I used to take for granted.


Which Brings me to my next point, Once you spend a significant amount of time out of the country you call home you realize how great some things are, and how not-so-great other things are.  I’m glad we had the opportunity to live outside of the states, but I’ll be happy when we return home.