We just got back from a trip to the states. While in the states one of the questions we were asked was about the Cape Town weather.  So I guess it’s a good topic for a blog post.

It was great to be back in Wisconsin to see the start of fall. I had forgotten how beautiful fall colors are.  In Cape Town, we are now shifting into Spring.  Thankfully we received lots of rain so there is a lot of green around.

This past year reservoir levels went from a low of around 20% to a high of 76%. This was due to rainy winter and decreased usage. In the Midwestern US, winter typically brings cold and snow. Cape Town’s “warm summer Mediterranean climate” was certainly a switch from the humid continental climate I was used to.

The coldest it got was around 46°f/8°c. The hotest we experienced last summer was 93°f/34°c. This will be our first full summer here so we are looking forward to seeing how things evolve this year.

So far it seems that a fair comparison would be to say that Cape Town doesn’t really have a winter (at least by Wisconsin standards), but it definitely has a summer. I’m certianly not missing shoveling snow off the driveway and being attacked by swarms of mosquitos. But I do miss having a proper winter.

Thanks for reading.  We’ll be back with another update soon.

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