Last night I was able to go to Carnival with some fellow expats. I went into it expecting something similar to what I’ve heard Carnival in Brazil is like. Cape Town didn’t disappoint. The weather was beautiful and since the parade was at night we weren’t standing in the hot African sun. Everyone was in a very happy and joyous mood. The floats and dancers were beautiful.  The rhythm of the drum beats and chants made it pretty easy to get in the spirit and dance along.  In short we all had an amazing time and would gladly do it all again. This should be on your “must see” list.

Check out my Instagram profile for more pictures.

As you can see the floats were beautiful and clearly a lot of effort had gone into their construction







The crowd size never got to crazy and we able to easily walk around to find food and drink vendors.











Wisconsin has cows, Cape Town has rhinos









And finally, It’s not Beyonce but a queen B showed up and was just as stunning.












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