Last weekend we took a trip to a national park on the west coast with some friends. Even though it was close to Cape Town it was a park we hadn’t been to yet. The wildflowers were in certainly in bloom. Unfortunately, it was partially overcast and some of the flowers closed up early, I guess that’s a thing. After driving around for a bit we hit the restaurant. The food while not gourmet, was decent. The highlight of this was sharing the frosting from carrot cake with some birds.

During the few weeks that the flowers are in high bloom, a neighboring private property opens to the public. Head over to our instagram page for more pictures.

I can’t think of any other place on Earth that has as much breathtaking natural beauty near a major city as Cape Town. From Table Mountain to the Sea, to the parks, it’s truly astonishing. For as much as Cape Town and South Africa have going for them, it’s a shame that they continue to shoot themselves in the foot with violence and corruption.

Unti next time,

-Bruler Travels

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