You may be shocked to learn that there aren’t any direct flights from Chicago to Cape Town.  In fact it ends up being about 20 hours in the air. YAY?!?!  In a surprise twist we arrived in Amsterdam 45 minutes early. I thought it was due to our awesome pilot, but it looks like the Jet Stream had a large part to play.  I didn’t manage to sleep on the 1st flight, but I was able to sleep for a couple of hours on the flight from Amsterdam to Cape Town. While I was in a lack of sleep induced haze I had a couple of epiphanies. The first was that I’ve now traveled to been on 4 continents and both hemispheres. The second was that Africa is really Massive. In fact, on our nearly 12 hour flight, only 2 hours were not spent over Africa. WOW!

Once we landed, we got through customs and retrieved our luggage without issue. We found that we were not staying in the temporary apartment as originally planed, but rather a hotel near the V&A waterfront.  We walked down to Waterfront on Sunday, it’s a bit of a tourist trap complete with a Ripley’s believe it or not. But it’s (so far) not overdone.

At this point it still feels like we are on vacation instead of “home”. I’m sure that we’ll have a shift in mindset once we are in our long term housing and we get our shipment of belongings. Deciding to ship the majority of my summer clothes turns out to not have been the correct course of action. Thankfully we were able to buy some clothes at the waterfront.

And on a positive note day Zero has been pushed back to May due to decrease in usage from the agriculture industry.

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