So, this post is a little late…  but guess what?  We’ve moved!!!


We are now in a quieter and less touristy neighborhood. We are still pretty close to the CBD (Central Business District). In fact, we have some pretty cool views of the city from here.












The new home is overall a vast improvement over the previous place. I think a key piece of that is that the new place is only 5 or 6 years old. The owners have constructed a home that has won awards for how earth friendly it is.


The water is from a “borehole” (aka a well) and is filtered and treated several times before it hits the faucets. The owner has had the water tested a few times and proudly let us know that the testing agency accused him of bringing in spring water. I will say that the water tastes pretty great.


We have solar panels that power the entire house, any extra power is sold back to the utility.  Given the current state of nationwide rolling blackouts, I’m very happy to be on Solar power.  The owners have enough battery capacity to run the house for 48 hours in the event it is needed.


But the really cool thing is how the house is heated and cooled.  There are water pipes running through the walls and floors that provide radiant heating and cooling.  This is the same water that eventually makes it to the faucets, so it’s always moving. While the house stays pretty comfortable, we did pick up some fans to provide air movement.


The only downside is that shops aren’t quite as walkable as they were before, but overall, we are in a much better place.  (The jacuzzi certainly doesn’t hurt)




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