Moving to other side of the world meant that we couldn’t take everything we owned. We have made attempts to downsize and reduce clutter in our lives previously, but now we found ourselves in a situation that required we eliminate even more of the clutter from our lives at a quick pace. Thankfully I was no longer employed so I had plenty of time to sort through things.

What I quickly learned was that we had a lot of stuff,  some was purely junk. There were several full trash bins, trips to goodwill, and a “drink all our booze”party to help eliminate the vast majority of the clutter.

We were very lucky that we were able to store some family heirlooms and other items we couldn’t give-up  with family and friends. Given that this is a temporary assignment we certainly appreciate not having to part with everything.

Once everything was put in storage, or donated to charity, we found that were only taking 16 small boxes with us. Wow!

Below is the house before packing:

And after:


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