The view from our hotel

Wow, a lot of time has passed since my last update.  The lockdown really limited new experiences, and when we had 4 months of Wednesdays it got pretty repetitive.   So dear reader let’s get you caught up quickly.     A few months ago, P accepted a position in China, due to the lockdown restrictions we needed to fly back to the US to apply for our Visas. We ended up getting our visas much sooner than we expected, so we were able to accelerate our US departure by a week.  Being back the states felt pretty surreal at first, but it gave a chance to get our votes in.  It was great to catch up with a few friends and family and I even got in a few fishing trips.

Watching the spike in Covid cases across the US while we were there was horrifying to say the least.  We had to be sure we avoided it, well…like the plague. We had to get a negative Covid test no earlier than 3 days before we boarded the plane. This caused a bit of anxiety, but it went very smoothly.

Getting to China we took an interesting path.  We flew from Minneapolis, to Seattle, to Seoul, and finally to Shanghai.  The flights were uneventful, and we were able to get some sleep.  I can’t say enough about how awesome the Delta flight crews were. I’ve never felt more welcome and appreciated than I did on those flights.  They made me a customer for life. 

We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Once we landed in Shanghai, we had to sit on the aircraft for a temperature check and verification that we had tested negative for Covid. After this was completed for everyone on board, we were allowed to disembark.  We walked through several stations, collecting papers, a sample collection vial, and stamps for the paperwork, and temperature scans. To be honest, it’s a bit of a blur.  The end result was that we were tested again for Covid, but this time it was both nostrils and a bit more invasive.  All told this was probably only about 20-30 minutes, but it felt longer.

After that, it was just the normal passport control and customs stations.  Then we sat in a holding area for about an hour until everyone from our flight was through the health check process.  Along the way, all the airport and medical personnel were wearing full-body medical protective suits. This was a vast difference from what we experienced in the US. it’s been easy to see why cases in China have been kept low.

Once everyone from our flight was through, we boarded a bus to our quarantine hotel in Shanghai.  The hotel was a bit basic but fully met our needs. We received 3 meals a day, the food was authentic but very good. On the morning of our 3rd day, we were shuttled to a different hotel in Suzhou. This hotel is much nicer and it’s easier to get things delivered.  We will finish up our time here we’ll be free to explore Suzhou. 

Until next time.

-Bruler travls. 

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