It’s been raining! Not like the biblical proportions, Noah experienced and we had dreamed of, but enough rain to raise the reservoir levels significantly. I hope that a priest has done his part and blessed the rains.

Some folks have been asking how are we coping and wondering what’s the latest on day zero.  As I mentioned here, day zero was pushed back to 2019, but the water restrictions remain in place. That was a few months ago so it’s time for a quick update.

As of today, the overall reservoir levels are at 43.3%. This is remarkable because we’ve gone from 20% water reserves in April, with only 10% of that usable. The city’s reserves are actually above 2016 levels. This is really amazing because July and August are the historically wettest months. So we could end up in an even better position.

In spite of the rain, the city is keeping the water restrictions in place. I expect that they will loosen the restrictions once dam levels get nearer to 60%. The city is also continuing to build desalination plants, and work on other water projects.  The rain, water usage restrictions, and projects to add capacity appear to be working as you can see in this video.

Auf Wiedersehen

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