This was our vehicle for the trip.

We finally went on a safari after a few delays and bumps along the way

We had originally planned to do this trip in January, with P’s brother and his wife. Unfortunately, P’s brother had a health issue come up and they needed to reschedule. The aspect of rescheduling is deserving of its own post, but in the end everything worked out. Long story short… P’s parents joined us instead.

The trip to the lodge began with two ladies sitting on opposite sides of the plane serenading the entire plane with their conversation for the ENTIRE flight. I can only assume that they were rehearsing for a stage play of some sort and thought everyone would enjoy the free performance. Spoiler alert, they were wrong. Either that or they were extremely hard of hearing and didn’t realize they were shouting.

We landed in the Nelspruit airport and took a shuttle to the lodge. The shuttle trip was about 2 hours and we were able to take in a large swath of the South African landscape we hadn’t seen before. Thankfully the shuttle had great air conditioning as it was 35c/95f outside.

Arriving at the lodge we were greeted by the lodge manager for a personalized check-in and got to meet our tracker and guide. After a quick overview of the rooms and layout of the lodge, we had a quick tea and went out on our first Game drive. We saw 3 (Elephants, Rhinos, and Buffalo) of the big 5 within the first 2 hours of the drive! We only needed the cats and we’d have all of the big 5.

Arriving back at the lodge we were able to have dinner with our guide. It was a great opportunity to get to know him better and ask any questions we had. The meal was simply amazing. I went with the adventurous choice for the appetizer and didn’t regret it. The appetizer was zebra and the main was a super tender beef fillet. Since our morning would start at 5 am, we all skipped the bar and went to our rooms for the evening to wind down.

Since this trip was so epic, I’m going to break it up into multiple posts.

-Stay tuned for more.

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