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Celebrating the festive holidays in the Southern Hemisphere is really messing with my head. The weather is too “summery”, the sun is too bright, and rises too early. As much as I disliked the cold in Wisconsin, the snow and holiday lights peeking through always warmed my soul. Seeing fresh snow on a pine or cedar branch while sipping a warm beverage can’t be beaten.

Looking back on it, I was probably 100% ok with winter and the cold until the end of February, then it just felt like Ol’man winter was just being a houseguest that wouldn’t leave. I’m sure we all know what that’s like.

So now that Christmas is only 9 days away we are starting to make some strategic plans. Friends have invited us over for a braai ( BBQ, or Fry out for the fans from Sheboygan, WI). They are going to prepare a gammon (I’m not quite sure what it is). In proper “bring and braai”form they encouraged others to bring a dish to share. The green bean casserole from Thanksgiving is our entrance fee. We’re also going to try our hands at some other traditional favorites (My Great Aunt’s Pound cake, Pop-unders, etc).

While we won’t have snow, I know we will have a great time with good friends and that is something that can’t be beaten.

Happy Holidays!


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