This week a few things fell into place.

After going back and forth on what car we wanted versus what was available from rental car companies and was within budget.  What we agreed on was we wanted something we couldn’t get in the states. We wanted options like ABS, Air con, etc., because apparently those aren’t standard over here.  We were hoping for getting a Renault Clio or a VW polo, (I really wanted a Sandero) because they wouldn’t scream ” Hey everybody I’m a foreigner, please take advantage of me”.  In the end we ended up with a silver Audi A3 hatch back. It’s missing somethings we really liked on our cars in states like a GPS, but we can use our phones, or buy a Garmin.




We also moved into our permanent place this week. This will provide us with a sense of “home” that the apartment in the hotel never could. We are now in a less touristy neighborhood, and closer to the city  center. One of our first todos is to find a local coffee shop for our Saturday morning tradition, the awesome part about this neighborhood is that we will have multiple choices of local small shops.





The most astonishing thing is that our shipment from the states is scheduled to arrive on Friday.  I had read on other blogs and websites that this could take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months due to the slow pace of South African customs. A few folks had said their shipping container arrived well before their air shipment. Since we only had an air shipment,  I was fully resigned to the fact that I would only be able to wear what was in my suitcase for awhile longer, because it would take at least a month maybe longer for our meager 16 boxes to clear customs.  In all it only took 8 days from the time the shipment left the US.




To bastardize a quote from a friend ” Everything is coming up Bruler”. I don’t know what we did to earn this trifecta, but I’m well beyond elated.  Oh, and the view doesn’t suck either.

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